TBS Tracer Nano Starter Set

TBS Tracer Nano Starter Set

In a race, microseconds count. Goggles down, thumbs up - are you ready for a true 250Hz radio link? End to end latency: barely noticeable. Nothing else comes close! Thanks to 2.4GHz technology, we took the best from Crossfire and shrunk it down to speed it up. The end result: Smaller antennas, more speed, range for days.
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- Long range, adaptive and robust remote control system for your drone & aircraft
- Low latency, 250Hz update rate (5x faster than typical - world's fastest) for mind-blowing accuracy
- Two-way communication link with real-time link vitals and telemetry
- OTA firwmare updates, auto-bind, multi-bind support
- TBS Cloud connectivity with telemetry output for smartphone apps
- Fully configurable by OpenTX and TBS TANGO remote using CRSF protocol
- "Unlimited" amout of people can fly at the same time
- Output power: 25mW / 100mW
- 8 or 12ch output via CRSF, SBUS, inverted SBUS or PPM
- Serial Modem capable of transmitting MAVLink or other serial protocols (up & downlink)


1 x TBS Tracer Nano TX
3 x TBS Tracer Nano RX
6 x TBS Tracer Immortal T Antenna


Latency & Refresh Rate: 3ms, 250Hz
Output power: 100mW
Frequency Bands: 2.4GHz ISM
Input Voltage: 3.5 - 13V
Connector: USB-C
Power consumption: 1.1W (@10mW) - 2W (@100mW)
Dimensions: 65 x 48 x 22 mm (JR module size)
Radio Compatibility: LITE module bay (e.g. TBS Tango 2, Taranis X-Lite, X9 Lite), OpenTX V2.1+. The TBS Tracer Nano TX is suggested for use in Futaba and Spektrum remotes that do not have a JR-module bay.
* output power modes may not be available due to local regulation limitations


Antnna ports: 2x u.FL / IPEX (diversity)
Package contents: 1x TBS Tracer Nano RX, 2x Immortal-T, silicone cables
Protocols: 2x CRSF, SBUS, PPM, 6x PWM, SmartAudio 2.0 / 2.1 (VTx Control)
Weight: 0.5g (receiver only)
Size: 11mm x 18mm

Technische Daten

Technische Daten

Artikelposition TBS_TRACE_SET_NANO
Hersteller Team Blacksheep
EAN 766234652094
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