Ethix CineRat Carbon und Schrauben Set

Ethix CineRat Carbon und Schrauben Set

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Ethix 3” cine frame is based around 6s to haul full size cameras wih enough thrust to get the shot you want.
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Introducing our next product in the flat rat line up is our 3” cine frame. When we looked into what we wanted in a small compact cine frame the main thing that stood out was we didn’t want ducts. So we set out to design a 6s motor (flat rat motors) to complement this frame so that it could haul a full size camera with enough thrust for a 3” props and allow us the add on of just prop guards for safety. With a 3” frame based around 6s we also wanted the ability to carry a full size fc/esc stack with the option of a 20x20 if that’s your thing. There’s the option for GoPro mounts on the front and back as well as a 10deg couch. We added front fpv camera protection (19x19 size) for those that want to utilize the split cam mounts on the front of the frame and on the bottom of the protection is a slot for mounting your immortal T antenna. We really hope you enjoy using this frame to get creative as much as we do!



1 x Top Plate
1 x Bottom Plate
1 x Battery Pad
4 x motor plates
7 x Standoffs
1 x Screws Set
1 x Front Arm
1 x Rear Arm


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Technische Daten

Technische Daten

Artikelposition ETHIX_CINE_CARBON
Hersteller Ethix
EAN 766234649209
KV Nicht zutreffend



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